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Sports Engage
Connecting the Supporters, the Players, the Game and the Passion.

2Engage has developed a database-driven sports fan engagement solution, offering Sports Brands, Sports Clubs, Sports Unions and Sports Sponsors the ability to acquire and retain supporters, while generating an annuity income. With sports clubs and brands under financial pressure, the focus is on unlocking additional revenue streams beyond basic sponsorship, event ticketing and television rights.

Sports Engage delivers a central sports fan engagement platform, adding value to fans and sports brands by delivering meaningful engagement, including supporter benefits, ticketing, enhanced stadium experience and managed player interactions. In partnership with TicketPro, the number one web-based sports ticketing engine, the Sports Engage solution is now able to offer an end-to-end supporter engagement solution, ranging from a basic supporter club proposition, to a SEAT FOR LIFE in the home stadium.

The Near Field Communication (NFC) platform, linked to the TicketPro ticketing engine, allows the Sports Engage platform to deliver a unique stadium experience. This includes ticketless entry, cashless stadium vendor transactions, plus the ability to monitor member movements around the stadium. This creates the ability to engage with fans on their phones, delivering real-time in-stadium promotions, all transacted and recorded on the members personal NFC supporter card.

Sports Engage Sports fan chart

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