Retail Engage is a 2Engage company, which was founded out of the need for advertising brands to communicate effectively with the ‘main market’. The main market comprises the majority market, or the ‘base of the pyramid’. This segment constitutes a significant portion of consumer FMCG spend, and moves between formal and informal retail spaces to fulfil their need for value, convenience, experience and trust, with value becoming a necessity under acute economic pressure.

Why is the ‘main market’ so difficult to ENGAGE with?

  • Lack of measurable media and communications platforms in the retail environment;
  • Limited access to consumer shopping behaviour insights;
  • Lack of ability to individually target, communicate and reward this customer base.

Retail Engage delivers a turnkey solution that provides brands, retailers and other industry stakeholders (financial services, telco’s, etc) with the ability to engage directly with the most economically active consumer base, through 1-2-1 targeted communications, supported by multi-media campaigns and on-the-ground agents, in order to drive value-enhancing behaviour through instant rewards (i.e. airtime).


A rewards and loyalty program targeting 10 million shoppers and consumers in the independent ‘main market’ sector in South Africa.

There are an estimated 13 million shoppers in the independent ‘main market’ in South Africa – with over 1 million of those already bonsella®registered members and growing at an additional 75,000 engaged members on a monthly basis.

Enabling brands to engage with South Africa’s main market through the bonsella® loyalty program with instant airtime rewards, in-store media and dedicated promoters in every store – across 150+ stores!